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Hanna's Promise - Book over-view for online listing

  A fatherless young slave girl, just orphaned and freed at once at the moment of the Civil War’s conclusion, is left alone in the world. Her struggle for survival begins as she is first redeemed by two families in Alabama.


  In war’s aftermath Americans are disheartened, suffering, cruel and selfish, while God watches in dismay. The races struggle for their places in the sun. Their salvation is grace and their only hope in the end.


  That moment in time finds Hanna, who never knew her father, newly freed and orphaned without family. With the care and love of two affluent former slaveholding southern families, her unwavering faith and a spiritual event only she and the reader understands, she begins to spend her life bringing grace and hope to everyone she meets. No matter where her life takes her on its journey – Alabama, Mississippi or Ohio, Hanna looks for the goodness in people and finds a way to share her love of God and His grace.


  Hanna moves forward as an adult in Mississippi and through God’s grace meets her siblings. Her life becomes a majestic transcendence toward harmony between the races through circumstances only the reader and God knows.


  Hanna’s Promise is a poignant, transcendent, spiritual story that moves the heart of the reader to become engaged in her many trials and triumphs. The reader is with her as she moves through the country by herself and then with her family, searching for goodness, creating harmony and raising us up together. It is a story of grace and hope. 



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