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Direct buy option for paperbacks

You can buy any of our paperback books directly from our inventory.


Simply call me at 315-453-3064 or e-mail me at to request it.


If you live in the area, I can bring a copy to your home and sign it if you wish. I can also mail it to you if you send me payment by check.


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After Bondage and War - $13.75

Hanna's Promise: A Story of Grace and Hope - $14.95

The American: A Man's Life - $12.99

Slaves, Saints and Soldiers - $25.99 *

* If you have not purchased the individual novels before, the anthology, Slaves, Saints and Soldiers is a all three books in one and a 40% savings over the individual purchases.

        TITLES - NON FICTION      

The Goodness of Alzheimer's - $.200

Collected Essays on Americanism, 3rd edition - $14.95

American Stories: Sources of our Greatness - $8.99

The Scots, Ulster Scots and Irish - $7.99


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