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Upcoming Public Events

July, 2019

I'll be launching my latest book, The Scots, Ulster Scots and Irish. It is mostly a non-fiction history book; but it includes myth, lore and a little fantasy fictional content. It is about an idea of how freedom fighting, patriotic and thoughtful people fostered the creation of America as America was at its founding.


This wee book will by my 12th, if you count an unfinished book, other wee books and booklets and a stage play. 


Watch for my next book, American Stories: Sources of our Greatness, a blend of non-fiction and fictional short stories of American lives. It will celebrate the many immigrants who have come to our country to make new lives for themselves, settle our land and build  our civilization. I promise these will be positive, inspiring stories.

Winter, 2017  and 2018

Watch for my books at The Reading Room, Salmon Run Mall, Watertown, NY. One of these Saturdays, to be announced, I will be there to talk and sign books.

Summer and fall, 2017 and the future

Watch for the street musician in public squares around Syracuse and nearby locations. This year (2018) I will be adding keyboard.

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