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Publicity Release

  Americans are disheartened, suffering, and are cruel and selfish while God watches in dismay. Their salvation is grace and their only hope in the end.


  In this his second novel, David travels down the paths of American history again with purpose, integrity and heart.


  It is the hundred years after the Civil War and the races struggle for their places in the sun.


  He evenhandedly follows the genuine history closely again, but places more emphasis on his fictional characters while he builds their lives around the theme of Christianity, so much a part of those times. Beyond the traditional practices and beliefs of the people, he stresses the element of spirituality to tell their story.


  David has been unable to convince traditional publishers of the merits of his work. They are mired in structural and organizational patterns of operation that preclude new talent. He and I have created Southern Heart Publishing to  disseminate his work. He has a small and growing following of loyal readers which is enough for him.


                               - Joan Austin, editor

                                 Southern Heart Publishing Co.


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