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Hanna's Promise -  Purpose and Method

The purpose is to show that:

Goodness is an entity and there is goodness in people.


God approves of that; is gratified and smiles when He sees it.


History provides the tension and the contrast for the period the characters lived in.


The writing level - literary quality - is high enough that the average voracious reader will appreciate it and enjoy it.


The method is historical fiction:

Historical fiction is not fantasy, myth, legend, or science fiction.


The foundation is actual, factual history written with honesty and integrity.

Fictional characters and events are layered on top of the foundation to tell a compelling story.


The genre permits and expects more perspective than topical, non-fiction historical books; just as topical, non-fiction historical books are permitted more perspective than secondary source survey textbooks.


By thematic comparison, After Bondage and War was more about endurance, survival and redemption, whereas Hanna's Promise is more about illumination, grace and transcendence.


Author's Note:

In my work and in my life, I try to fulfill God's purpose as I understand it and believe it to be, and that is to work for harnony between His creatures. So then for me I am serving His purpose and it becomes mine as well.

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