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Reviews for Collected Essays on Americanism

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3 of 5 stars

Having read his After Bondage and War and Hanna’s Promise, I had a curiosity about David Claire Jennings’ latest book, Collected Essays on Americanism. I had determined that he had a penchant for writing with humanity about 19th century American history.


This work was different. He explains that his sixty-six essays were written over several years before he turned to historical fiction writing with his novels. The topics are so varied that some readers will enjoy some of his essays, while not be interested in others. The author organizes them in themes to sectionalize the book.


But the central idea is authentic. These essays are all about Americanism with much from our past and also our contemporary state of affairs.


He is obviously proud of his Scots-Irish roots and the participation of his people in the development of our country. Certainly a love for our country, its history and heritage comes through as it does in all of his writing.

Edwin Smith, June 12, 2016

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