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Slaves, Saints and Soldiers

Slaves, Saints and Soldiers is the trilogy of three historic fictional novels previously published – After Bondage and War, Hanna’s Promise: A Story of Grace and Hope and The American: A Man’s Life. The stories overlap so that any one may be read on its own and the three in any order. But here they are together in one book – a trilogy.

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All three stories are different. All three are love stories. The cast of characters grows as their family members are born and pass on.


The lives of the Wexleys, Taylors, Ashfords, Drishs, Blanchards and the McAuleys intersect and are intertwined through the 1800’s and into the 20th century. Cruelty is overcome and kindness and forgiveness brings these human lives together after a century of strife.

For anyone interested in these books who has not yet purchased them individually, Slaves, Saints and Soldiers offers all three together at a 40% discount. 



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