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The Scots, Ulster Scots and Irish

It is not my place, or anyone's, to speak for the will of God. However, our nation was founded under God and our rights are God given; not by a government or a monarch.

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The Scots, Ulster Scots and Irish front

A brief account of the co-mingled histories of the people of Scotland and Ireland, their origins and their participation in American history. It uses elements of historical fact, myth, lore, historical fiction and biography.

This short historical book gives us a sense of the tradition, culture and heritage of the Celtic Gaelic Anglo Saxon peoples through antiquity and the legacy they have left us as Americans in our own past.

As James Webb has said, many of us have forgotten and some of us don’t care in our 21st century culture, but for those of us who do, here is a wee bit of it – as a melancholy celebration and a source of our greatness.

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