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The Goodness of Alzheimer's

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Memory of Ashokan Farewell


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 I first published this work as a pamphlet in 2014 with the belief it might be passed around and provide some comfort and solace to a caregiver or any person concerned or worried about Alzheimer’s. Nothing has changed me in that wish or belief or any feeling I felt and shared in that earlier work.
  But now I am publishing it as an e-book to distribute it to all the online sites where interested readers can easily acquire it. To do that it is necessary for the reader to pay 99 cents. I had wished to offer it free but that would have disqualified it from one or more of the important outlets.
  My darling wife’s illness has progressed much further in the two years since that pamphlet was printed. We used to notice changes in her over a span of 3 to 6 months, now it is 1 to 2. The regression is accelerating. It is simply a matter of recognizing and accepting a paradigm shift, adjusting to the new reality, while continuing to live with her in the present.
  We know exactly how it will end if she does not pass away for some other thing. Just as a child living in reverse, she will unlearn how to walk, unlearn how to eat and swallow, and finally unlearn how to breathe. Her natural moment of death from Alzheimer’s will be just as it is the moment we are born.
  It is not a burden. It is not difficult to bear – not in the least. The love remains now as it was before and will be until she leaves for her next life. My hope and belief is that I will join her again someday. As we have learned in Ecclesiastes, to everything there is a season. As some leaves fall and others grow in their place, so too with the generations of flesh and blood, one dies and another is born.
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